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Many people do not realize that ophthalmologists are the most experienced in administering BOTOX® injections. In fact, they have been using the treatment for over 20 years to improve various eye conditions, such as eyelid spasms and eye muscle disorders. When injected into eye muscles, the treatment reduces movement and can help align eyes. BOTOX® injections have also proven to reduce the excessive blinking characterized by eyelid spasms. Over the years, patients who have received the injectable for medical reasons have also noticed their wrinkles becoming smoother, which is what led to BOTOX® Cosmetic for treating signs of facial aging. The cosmetic injectable is designed to relax facial muscles and prevent the repetitive muscle movement that leads to “dynamic wrinkles.” Since our ophthalmologists at Perich Eye Center New Port Richey, Florida, and our other locations are experienced with the complexity of muscles surrounding the eyes, this makes them an authority in administering BOTOX® injections.