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With over 100 years combined experience, Perich Eye Center is the leader of Cataract Surgery in the Tampa Bay Area. Perich Eye Center also offers Laser Treatment, Botox®, and other Cosmetic treatment for the Greater Tampa Bay Area. We offer a comprehensive, focused, and cost-effective approach to achieve your best visual health. We empower you to work with your eyes to restore vision.

Perich Eye Center

We are committed to the highest standard of patient care to provide the comprehensive evaluation and holistic management of eye conditions in a family-friendly environment. Adhering to the osteopathic philosophy, we treat each patient as a whole: mind, body, and spirit.

Our board-certified ophthalmologists and optometrists provide Floridians with state-of-the-art comprehensive medical and surgical eye care and optical services. Our surgeons use innovative surgical methods and contemporary technologies to treat patients.

We collaborate with you and your primary health provider to improve your overall health by diagnosing and treating underlying conditions and causes of eye disease and visual problems. To achieve maximal ocular health, we use genetic testing and other cutting-edge screening procedures to develop custom medical care for each patient.

Each member of our staff is highly accomplished in his or her field and shares our values. Your care will be coordinated by a combination of physicians, physician assistants, optometrists, opticians, and a highly skilled medical team. For all of these reasons, we are the regional practice of choice for most insurance companies.



With over 35 years of experience, and over 65,000 cataract surgery cases performed by surgeons at the Perich Eye Center, we have expertise in the surgical correction of cataracts. Cataract surgery is covered by your medical insurance. Additionally, we specialize in the the latest technologies and premium lenses.



We offer full-service optometric care including onsite optical and tinting lab for all your nonprescription and prescription glasses and contact lens needs.



We offer a variety of aesthetic treatment including clinical and surgical procedures. Clinic procedures offered include neuromodulators (Botox and Xeomin), facial fillers (for fine lines, deep lines, under eye correction, and lip augmentation) and Kybella (for treating "double chin"). Surgical procedures include upper and lower lid blepharoplasty, brow lift, midface lift, and neck lift.


Eye Disease

A annual dilated eye exam is recommended for all patients with diabetes. We specialize in the most advanced treatments including the new micropulse laser for diabetic macular edema.

Tampa Cataract Surgery Experts

Our Speciality Doctors

Perich Eye Center doctors, trained in the structure and function of the eye (ophthalmologists and optometrists), are experts in treating all types of vision and eye conditions. Many area patients come to the Perich Eye Center when their condition is unusual or complex or on an emergency basis. Come visit us at any of our office locations in the Greater Tampa Bay Area for your cataract, glasses, laser, or cosmetic needs. Our following doctors are the experts you can count on.

Cataract Surgeon

Dr. Larry Perich


Cataract Surgeon

Dr. Tanya Perich


Cataract Surgeon

Dr. Kyle Linsey


Cataract Surgeon

Dr. John Kudryk


Cataract Surgeon

Dr. Matthew Miller


Cataract Surgeon

Dr. Tessa Payne


Advanced Facilities Available

Perich Eye experts work with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who collaborate to provide exactly the care you need. This wouldn't be possible without our world-class facilities. We have performed thousands of cataract surgeries across Tampa and on patients from around the globe.

Surgery Center

Seven Springs Surgery Center has provided world class surgical care for over 25 years to patients from across the globe for expert Cataract surgery.


We provide comprehensive medical and surgical eye care in Tampa including cataract, cornea, glaucoma, retina and oculoplastics.


Many of our locations have an onsite optical center for your glasses and contact lens needs, in addition to your annual eye exam. Stop in and get a checkup.

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Our staff treats all patients as if they were part of their own family and gives them the best care available. Let our patients speak for themselves though...

Cataract Surgery Review

We are very, very pleased...

My husband and I both had cataract surgery (both eyes) with the Crystalens put in. We are very, very pleased and the office is very professional, considerate and informed. Their procedures are perfected down to a science. Because of Dr. Perich's reputation, the eye center is very, very busy so, yes, there may be a wait time but that is not out of the ordinary. They have stayed as late as necessary to take care of our needs. Put yourself in the doctors' shoes, both Dr. Larry Perich and Dr. Tanya Perich, and see what they deal with on a daily basis. You wouldn't ever complain about a wait time again. Great team and great teamwork all the way through from Roseanne, Rennie, Bill, Claire, Darcy and Barbara!

Cataract Surgery Review

I want to thank Dr Perich for saving my life, and doing a great job on my cataract surgery!

After the third episode of my eyes turning red, and very painful, over a period of 6 months, Dr Perich realized there was something serious wrong, and ordered blood work. The steroids and eye drops only worked for a short time. The blood work showed high SED levels, and C reactive protein levels....meaning I have a lot of inflamation in my body. Dr Perich said to see a rheumatologist. After getting more blood work, they discovered I have Wegeners Granulomatosis, which can be fatal if not treated. I want to thank Dr Perich for saving my life, and doing a great job on my cataract surgery!